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Active Intelligence is our weekly web series bringing you the latest global news from the cybersecurity world. We believe that keeping you informed is the best defence against cyberattack, that's why every Friday we bring you the latest and most current active intelligence from the cybersecurity industry.

In this weeks episode...

17 July 2020 - Series 1 Episode 3

  • Hackers sell 147 million MGM Resort customer records online

  • UK Government "On Alert" for China cyber attack

  • Hacker claims 8,000 databases stolen from Night Lion Security

  • Google tackles 18 million COVID-19 phishing attacks a day

Previous Episodes

10 July 2020 - Series 1 Episode 2

  • Xchanging suffers ransomware attack

  • Mac users warned of new spyware threat known as Thief Quest or Evil Quest

  • EDP Renewables has 10 TB of data stolen by hackers

  • Zoom CEO says they're making progress on cybersecurity and privacy improvements.

4 July 2020 - Series 1 Episode 1

  • Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces $1.35bn cybersecurity investment.

  • New security standard for Internet of Things (IoE) announced

  • Experts warn Google Chrome users of malicious extensions.

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