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Welcome to the world's most secure cloud file storage app. is the for people who care about securing their personal data.

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If this is the first time you have used the app, you will need your computer to transfer your Private Security Key to your phone.


Encrypt and store your files, photos and videos in the cloud is the world's most secure cloud storage app. It automatically encrypts your files, photos and videos, stores them securely in the cloud and only allows you access to them. is for people who take data security seriously.


Synchronise your photos, videos and files on all devices works on phones, tablets or computers. Simply use the app or web portal. It supports all file formats and sizes.

Store your most precious memories in the cloud, with zero risk of data theft.

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Get 1GB for $1 a month. Get 25GB for $12 a month

No minimum commitment, billed in Australian Dollars monthly. 

Just need to store your ID documents? Get 20MB for free!

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To create an account you'll need to use your computer to sign up and generate a new key. 

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