Send fully encrypted documents straight from Microsoft Outlook

SecureShare by allows you to send fully encrypted documents and request digital signatures, straight from Microsoft Outlook. Protect your business from DNS hijacking, phishing and other email attacks.

Included FREE* with YDF for Business

*A small fee per share may be payable dependent on your pricing plan

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Send fully encrypted documents to anyone, even if they don't use

The most secure way to share documents by email

Protect your business from DNS hijacking, data interception and manipulation with our FREE Microsoft Outlook Add-In. 

No matter how much security you have in place, sending a document by email is not secure. Thanks to DNS hijacking and data interception it is possible for hackers to intercept documents, manipulate them and forward them on without you knowing.

An example could be a supplier bank details form, which could in effect be hijacked by a hacker who in turn changes the details to their own, resulting in you unwittingly making payments to a fraudulent party. 

Send fully encrypted documents and request secure signatures by email straight from Microsoft Outlook with the FREE SecureShare by YDF add-in. 

Fully encrypted documents straight from Microsoft Outlook

Verify the recipient using SMS

Request digital signatures and automatically save to YDF

How to install the SecureShare Add-In

You can download the installer directly from Microsoft App Source or using these instructions:

You must have a YDF account to install the Add-In. If you don't have any account you can create one here.

Install now in three steps

Step 1. In your Outlook, click on “Get Add-ins”.

Step 2. Navigate to “My add-ins” and go to “Custom add-ins” section. Click on “Add a custom add-in” and select “Add from URL”.

Step 3. Paste in the below URL and click “OK”. In the next dialog, click “Install”.


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