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For people that care about their identity


Since you arrived 2 more identities have been stolen.

Every minute 19 people fall victim to identity theft.

Chances are if you aren't storing your files in YDF, they're not secure. YDF takes security seriously which is why we protect your files using RSA 4096 encryption - that's one the strongest encryption technologies around. We then protect your files from disaster by storing them in the cloud (that's the internet). 

This is YDF.

It does everything the other cloud storage providers do. 

We just take security a lot more seriously.

Call it a drive, call it cloud storage, call it backing up, call it a file host. 

Whatever you call it no other provider offers the same level of security as we do. 

We like to call it security on steroids.

Passwords are ***t

Our rhythm is in the keys.

When was the last time you logged into your phone using a password and not with your fingerprint or face? Passwords are not secure which is why we don't rely on them, unlike other cloud storage platforms.

We use encrypted Private Security Key's ("PSK") to let you access your files. PSK's are required to encrypt and un-encrypt files - without them it is impossible for anyone to remove the encryption. 

Play it again, Sam.

Your files, your choice.

Call us paranoid, but we believe that you have the right to decide how you want your privacy to be handled. That's why we offer four different locations for you to choose from when it comes to where your data is stored. You pick the country, we follow their privacy laws. 

Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Japan

- Read DLA Piper's guide to data protection laws across the world 

Powered by the same people that deliver your books, gifts and electronics.

YDF is powered by Amazon Web Services - cloud computing brought to you by Amazon. AWS is used by companies such as Netflix, Facebook, ESPN, BBC and Airbnb to bring you high speed, secure and scalable cloud based technology (but just to be clear, we're not actually part of Amazon or AWS!)


Work seamlessly across all your devices.

With a mobile app for Android and iPhone, a synchronisation app for your PC or Mac and a large file upload tool, you can work seamlessly from your computer, tablet or mobile devices. 

Encrypt your files straight from the source without the need for any additional software or technical knowledge.


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